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The Most Unusual Phones Ever Made

Phones started off the size of bricks, then gradually got smaller, then they could flip and slide. Now we have the smartphone, and we have remained in this bubble for a while. But they are all starting to look alike, and maybe you want to stand out from the crowd. Ever since the release of the iPhone, most manufacturers have focused on the same things. That spark is not there anymore. Changes are so incremental you can hardly notice them at times. Nearly a decade-and-a-half ago, innovation of mobile phones was running wild. If you think a notch on the iPhone is the most uncomfortable thing your eyes have had to witness, you haven’t seen anything yet. Here are some of the most unusual phones to ever exist. Some designs will catch your attention while you crave the functions of others. You probably won’t admit you want one.


Moxi Bendable
The world’s first actual bendable smartphone

moxi bendable smartphone


Monohm Runcible
Hang the DJ, Black Mirror. Deja Vu



Nec Flip Phone
Bored with one screen, try three for a change

three screens


Motorola KR999
Blast from the past, if you like bricks

motorola brick


Google Project Ara
A dead project, but truly innovative

ara project


Yota Phone 2
The front on the back can be confusing

the yota


Huawei KFC
Unfortunately, the colonel does not voice the virtual assistant

huawei kfc


Red Hydrogen
From the makers of Ultra High-End 4K



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