The Foldable Smartphone

The foldable smartphone which Samsung has been teasing for nearly a decade will finally release in early 2019. Reports have claimed. Mobile is the word again. Enhancing portability of devices is the next immediate big thing.  Internally, the handset is reportedly called ‘Winner’ and planned for a limited launch in the early quatre of next year.

Samsung are generally considered to be the best amongst the Android platform. But sales have been tailing off in recently. This development could be enough to reverse the tide. We don’t know exactly when Samsung will choose to unveil the handset. The most obvious place would be the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next February. This new technology could feature on the S10 or even a brand new line. Imagine the benefits of such a device, never having to worry about your phone bending in your pocket or wearing it like a watch. Mobility and flexibility all-in-one compressed into a smartphone.


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