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Why You Should Consider Buying a Second Hand iPad

For many avid gadget enthusiasts, Apple products are their kryptonite. Successful for their innovative technologies, it is perhaps their sleek design that make many of us willing to commit to a pretty hefty price tag. Over the years, they’ve infiltrated not only our mobile phone usage, but have also since branched out into computers and laptops, watches and of course tablets with the introduction of the iPad back in 2010. Holding annual keynotes for their

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The Top Three Stores to buy Second-Hand Phones

Have you ever wondered what happens to used mobile phones that are no longer wanted? For a start, they shouldn’t be chucked in a bin – they contain toxic substances such as cadmium in the batteries, lead and flame retardants which could harm the environment if incorrectly disposed of – but recycled instead. Once second-hand phones have been tested and found to be in reasonable condition, they’re often shipped abroad and sold, for example, in

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