Seller Terms

These Terms and Conditions were last updated on 5th April 2020

Important Terms

By registering to sell your products on our website, you must comply to our selling terms;

1) All orders must be despatched on the same day if ordered before 2.30pm between Monday to Thursday. If a user chooses the Saturday delivery option, the item must be despatched for Saturday delivery.

2) We will release all your payments minus fees and any refunds weekly on Fridays, directly to your bank account. There will be no payment processing fees for you as we have already included this in our commission.

3) You must offer a 12 Month Warranty on all products you sell through our website. To see what yurt warranty will cover, please click here.

4) To improve our conversion rates, we offer coupon codes which will be a maximum of £5.00 off the basket value. If a user applies a coupon to the sale, this will also be deducted from automatically from your sales price.

5) Include your shipping costs, our 10% commission for platform and processing fees and consider £5.00 more for coupons in your sale price. You will only be able to define a regular and sale price on our platform without defining a separate cost for shipping or taxes. Your price should include these costs.

6) We offer all our customers a hassle free 30 day return policy. If a customer returns a device to you, please ensure a refund request is made on the same day you receive their device.