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We are attached to our smartphones until we let it slip from our grasp, to turn it over to a shattered screen. We can spend a little more to avoid damage. While smartphones are getting stronger and the new version of Gorilla Glass is to be released soon, but it is still not immune to damage. The main advantage and reason why people buy a phone case is protection. The drawbacks may not affect you but are still worth mentioning, such as heating issues, spoiling the look, adding size, adding weight and quality issues. In your search, we recommend the following brands: Spigen, Moshi, Tech Armor, YooTech, amFilm, TechMatte, and Zagg. Choose the case that best suits your needs. Amazon and eBay are the best places to look. Remember before any purchase, check for authenticity, read reviews and compare prices. There are many variations of cases. Sometimes the case you want may not be available for your device. Here is a selection of some of our favourite purpose-built phone cases.

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Slim Cases

If style is more important to you than protection, and you don’t want something too bulky. The slim case is for you. It will protect your phone but don’t count on it.

slim case black minimal style



Rugged Cases

If you want a stylish case that will survive a drop, this is the case for you. Slightly bulky but it is built with a layer of polycarbonate and a softer inner layer to absorb shock.

rugged range phone covers cases



Tough Cases

Bulky with some weight. The inclusion of air pockets and reinforced corners reduce the risk of damage to your device. Easy to grip even with wet hands.

case strong colours type



Folio Cases

Flip open cases or wallet cases can be pocket-friendly and stylish. If you keep your phone in a bag, this case is perfect as it offers all-around protection.

folio case lv fold flip



Battery Cases

Battery life is much better than it used to be. Phones are getting bigger and require larger batteries. Unfortunately, space is not always a virtue. If you need to extend the life of your phone, you need the battery case. Designed with a built-in battery that should keep your phone running for a few more hours.

battery case power apple


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