Ingenious samsung apple ads

Ingenius Ads from Samsung Throwing Shade

A little over a month ago, we shared an advert from Samsung throwing shade at Apple’s download speeds. The video titled’ ingenious’. We thought it was the only but it turns out there are even more. Each one pointing out what Samsung and probably you, believes is wrong with iPhone X. This time we have the camera, dongle and fast charger to think about. To be fair, these ads are funny and only give Apple more airtime. Ingenious is playing with the Apple store format, if customers want a true upgrade, they should go for the Galaxy S9. Every ad features a customer questioning an Apple employee as to why the specs of the iPhone X don’t match up to the Galaxy S9. As they are expecting more from ‘the phone of the future’. Once the Apple employee is stumped, ‘Upgrade to Galaxy’ is the next visual prompt.

You can compare the specs for both devices at GSMarena. Samsung is bold for throwing this much shade. Check them out below. What do you think? A cheap shot or genuine complaints.





Fast Charger