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Huawei Overtakes Apple for the First Time

Huawei has accomplished something no other smartphone manufacturer has, overtaking Apple in sales. Leading the smartphone revolution in China, surpassing Apple for the first time in the second quarter, holding second place globally without the North American market. Based on the analysis carried out by Counterpoint Research. It is also the first time where both Apple and Samsung have not taken the top two positions in the worldwide market. Huawei shipped 54.2 million phones in the second quarter of 2018, 41% more than the previous year. Surpassing the iPhone. Huawei accounted for 16% of the market, compared to Apples 12%, while Samsung sat at 21%. Chinese smartphones have been gaining much influence in their domestic market and are only growing abroad. Huawei dedicated expansion has spread to Europe and Africa. But they cannot take advantage of the United States because they have been blocked from that market.

“The continued growth of Huawei is impressive, to say the least, as is its ability to move into markets where, until recently, the brand was largely unknown,” said Ryan Reith, program vice-president with IDC’s Worldwide Mobile Device Trackers.

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