How much is your old iPhone worth? (the answer will shock you!)

If you have an old iPhone, you could be sitting on over £500 without realising it.

You could put this money towards a brand-new iPhone or something special, like a new Mac or iPad. It could even be holiday money.

The easiest way to get rid of your old iPhone is by recycling it with I Need a Mobile. We specialise in recycling old iPhone models and will give you the best price for your old iPhone – and we’ll even pick it up by DPD courier for free!

How much is your old iPhone worth?? Well let’s take a look!

iPhone 11 64GB – £450 to £500

The iPhone 11 64GB is one of our most popular recycled iPhones. We currently offer £501.00 for an unlocked model or £451 for a locked model.

These prices are within £40 of what you would get for it on eBay, but here’s the thing – eBay charges fees and so do PayPal. By the time you’ve paid your fees, you’ll be left with less than we offered, making our recycling service a great deal!

The iPhone 11 was announced September 2019, succeeding the iPhone XR. It sits behind the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

iPhone X 64GB – £265 to £315

The iPhone X 64GB is our second-most popular recycled phone. We currently offer £315.00 for an unlocked model or £265 for a locked model.

When sold on eBay, used iPhone X 64GB models typically go for around £60 more than we offer. However, as we mentioned before, eBay charges fees and so do PayPal – 10% on eBay and 3.6% with PayPal. This evens out the price.

The iPhone X was announced September 2017. It succeeded the iPhone 7 and was a huge leap forward with its bezel-less full screen display.

iPhone 8 64GB – £125 to £175

The iPhone 8 is our third-most popular recycled iPhone. We currently offer £175.00 for an unlocked model or £125 for a locked model.

This is within £70 of what good condition models go for on eBay. The price you’ll get from us versus selling on eBay evens out after paying seller and transaction fees. Our service is also easier, with free courier pick-up and same day payment.

The iPhone 8 was announced September 2017 alongside the higher-end iPhone X. It is the spiritual successor of the iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 32GB – £45 to £95

The iPhone 8 is our fourth-most popular recycled iPhone. We currently offer £95.00 for an unlocked model or £45 for a locked model.

Because this device is four years old, coming across good condition examples is becoming more difficult. We offer you £45 to £95 for working condition, so scratches are no problem and we will also pick up your iPhone by courier.

The iPhone 7 was announced September 2016. It was controversial in its removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack, although this is now the norm with new smartphones.

iPhone 6S 16GB – £11.00 to £61

The iPhone 6S is our fifth-most popular recycled iPhone. We currently offer £61.00 for an unlocked model or £11 for a locked model.

The iPhone 6S is coming up to five years old so the value of the device has plummeted. Our price of £11 to £61 is for a working device. You could probably get a bit more by selling it on eBay, but the fees will probably take away any profit.

The iPhone 6S was announced September 2015. It set a new first-weekend sales record for the iPhone and introduced 3D Touch.

I Need a Mobile versus eBay – which will get me more money?

Nothing in life is free, and selling your iPhone online isn’t free either.

eBay charges a huge 10% fee for every item you sell, so if you sell an iPhone for £500 on eBay, eBay takes a £50 cut for themselves.

Also, if you accept payment by PayPal when you sell on eBay, PayPal will charge a 3.6% fee – which means they will take an £18 cut from £500.

This means the cost to sell an iPhone for £500 on eBay is £68 (£50 eBay fees + £18 PayPal fees). If you add £5 for postage, the cost becomes £73.

After deducting these fees, our iPhone recycling service often works out to be a better deal overall than selling on eBay, or it at least gets very close.

Another benefit of our recycling service is how easy we make it. You can sell your iPhone to us online in less than a few minutes. We will then pick up your iPhone by DPD courier within 24-hours at no extra cost to you.

We also release payment very quickly – in 95% of cases, this is on the same day we receive your iPhone. We release payment after testing your device.

And don’t worry about us changing the price – the price we quoted you on our website is the price we’ll give you, so long as your iPhone is in working order and in good condition (please note that we do not pay out for abused devices).

eBay vs I Need a Mobile for selling an iPhone


  • 10% seller fee
  • 6% PayPal fee
  • Postage fees
  • Returns hassle
  • If you haven’t sold on eBay before, eBay will withhold your funds until you receive positive feedback, or your iPhone has been delivered to the recipient. This can take up to 30 days, leaving you without your money.

I Need a Mobile

  • DPD courier collection for your iPhone
  • Prices within 10-20% of eBay
  • Guaranteed price ‘lock in’ for working devices
  • Same day payment when we receive your iPhone


It’s less hassle to sell with I Need a Mobile than eBay and you’ll get a great price. If you want cash for your old iPhone fast, choose I Need a Mobile.

Ready to get started? Sell your iPhone with us here. You won’t regret it.