Forget eBay/Amazon for Second Hand Phones – GO DIRECT!

Talk about how buying directly from is better for the end consumer because eBay/Amazon have heavy fees over 5% and also now have marketing fees to position your listings higher which is another 5%. So by buying directly of us, consumer will save around 10% on their phone.

When buying and selling a second-hand phone online, it is worthwhile bearing in mind the likely fees associated with these transactions, which increase prices for buyers and reduce profits for sellers. We’ll compare two of the largest marketplaces to see how much they charge for various services.

Amazon has a reputation for good-quality items and excellent customer service, eBay is known as a marketplace that sells mostly used items and collectables – the ultimate online garage sale – even though 81% of items sold are brand new!

Both companies levy a final value fee (FVF), which is the amount of money a seller is charged when an item is sold, and is based, as its name implies, on the final selling price of an item at the close of the listing. The FVF comprises the closing fee, listing fee and PayPal fee.

Take the example of a book with a sale price of $30:

Final Value Fee$3.40$4.50
Closing Fee0.001.35
Listing Fee0.300.99
PayPal Fee1.170.00
Total Fees4.876.84
Total profit25.1323.16
Profit Margin83.77%77.20%

You can see that Amazon charges a higher fee, leaving the seller with around 5% less profit. However, you can avoid these fees altogether if you use a specialist second-hand dealer such as If you have an Apple, Samsung, HTC, Google, Huawei or OnePlus mobile, tablet or smartwatch that you’d like to sell, just go to their website and follow the instructions.

Nothing difficult. Use the search box to find your item, select the relevant Gigabyte (GB) rating of your phone, complete the order and post the item to them via tracked delivery. As soon as the company receives your device, they will test it and send a bank transfer the same day. Their prices are some of the most competitive in the mobile recycling market so you can be sure that you will receive the best value for your old device.

The staff at I Need A Mobile understand the importance of mobile phone recycling - doing this will not only raise cash for devices you no longer use, but will also benefit the environment.

Since the company was established in 2010, they have handled millions of pounds worth of devices and have now expanded their recycling service to include a wider range of technology including iPads, Macbooks, Smartwatches, as well as games and consoles.