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Hidden Smartphone Codes

Have you ever tried to use the dialer screen on your smartphone for anything else other than calls? Not surprised, most people haven’t. It’s impossible to figure out what without being told. You can always be surprised as to what your phone can do. The dialer screen is capable of much more than just entering a number and hitting the call button. It’s just not obvious at all, but there are codes available that will

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Five Wacky Ways To Charge Your Smartphone

We all dread the moment our smartphone screen turns blank or a ‘low battery’ notification comes up, especially when we’re on the move and can’t find a charge point. But there are some wild and wacky, environmentally friendly ways – alternative and renewable – to recharge your phone without electricity. In recent years, researchers have come up with novel ideas involving physical and naturally occurring phenomena. There’s even a twist on the old idea of

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