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Why You Should Consider Buying a Second Hand iPad

For many avid gadget enthusiasts, Apple products are their kryptonite. Successful for their innovative technologies, it is perhaps their sleek design that make many of us willing to commit to a pretty hefty price tag. Over the years, they’ve infiltrated not only our mobile phone usage, but have also since branched out into computers and laptops, watches and of course tablets with the introduction of the iPad back in 2010.

Holding annual keynotes for their hardware alone, we wait every year with bated breath for what new features they’ll announce. In turn, our bank accounts try to dig in their heels in preparation for the potential damage about to be done.

With new Apple products out every year, it’s no surprise our gadget obsessions can become an expensive buying habit. However, there are plenty of ways you can avoid the high price tag of these sought-after items and buying second hand just might be one of them. Fancy getting your hands on an iPad for less? Here’s why you’re better off buying previously loved iPad models with us.

Second Hand and Refurbished iPads

Here at I Need a Mobile you can choose between buying either second hand or refurbished iPads. Second hand iPads mean they have been previously owned, used and sold to us. I Need a Mobile has then tried and tested devices to check they work to their specification and are in a re-sellable condition.

Refurbished iPads are slightly different. These are devices that have usually been found to have a fault. I Need a Mobile therefore fix it to get it working like new. The best part? It’s likely barely been used and now it could be yours.

Second Hand and Refurbished iPads are Cheaper

It goes without saying but buying second hand or refurbished goods can more than half the cost of your new-to-you iPad. With full prices starting from £319 when buying directly from Apple, in comparison with us at I Need a Mobile starting prices are considerably lower at £89.99. Even when visiting retailers like Amazon who offer refurbished technology, you’re looking at spending over £100. And let’s not even talk about the high figures for brand new items. The numbers speak for themselves with the potential to keep hundreds of pounds safely in your wallet.

Get Voucher Codes for Preloved iPads

The preconception when buying already heavily discounted items are that they’re usually exempt from voucher code savings. Whilst there is frequently a small print to say sale items are excluded, you can still benefit from further reductions on our second hand devices with voucher code websites like My Favourite Voucher Codes. Listing all the latest discount codes and deals, it’s worth investing your money in second hand devices to make your money stretch further.

Make the Most of Warranty on Second Hand and Refurbished iPads

It’s unsurprising that you may feel nervous when buying a piece of technology that isn’t brand new. Concerned it won’t work to the best of its ability or stand the test of time, it’s worth knowing that even when buying second hand handsets and other devices, you can still expect to get warranty on your device. Select from 6 or 12-month additional packages at I Need a Mobile and you can ensure your device is always working as it should be.

The possibility to have one of the latest Apple models is made more accessible to everyone with the introduction of second hand and refurbished phones and tablets. Listing a huge range of models right here at I Need a Mobile, you can find the model with the features that suit you and not fear the hefty price tag on these just-like-new devices.


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