Android app of the day – DC Comics

dc comics android appDo you own an Android device and love DC comics or just think Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman or any other character from the DC Universe are really cool? Then why not head over to the Google Play Store and grab the free DC Comic App.

Once you open up the app you’ll find three tabs at the top of the screen that allow you to navigate throughout the app. The first tab is the My Comics tab which allows you to view all of the comics that you have purchased or downloaded which have been filtered into series and creator. The Featured tab is similar to the Google Play Store where you can find a variety of titles, both free and paid. You can choose from different super hero comics or comics that have been recently added. The final tab called Store allows you to search for any comic you like, you can search by series, genre, creator, publisher, most popular and story, if you don’t want to buy the comics just yet then you can browse the free section.

If you do want to purchase an app then the transaction is handled through the Play Store so you don’t have to give your credit card details to the app, the app will then download straight to your phone or tablet. The only downside is when you want to delete a comic you’ll have to go into your phone settings and delete from there.

If you’re a fan of comic books and super heroes then we highly recommend this app.

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