The New iPad – What’s the Difference?

Here are five big changes made to the new iPad which are bigger and better than the iPad.

The New iPad

1.       The New Super Screen

The iPad’s new 9.7-inch screen (dubbed by Apple as a ‘Retina Display’) is four times as sharp as its younger brother with a 2048 X 1536 pixel resolution. That means it’s sharper than your TV, phone, and maybe your PC monitor.

2.       A Bigger Battery

The new iPad may be slightly 0.6mm thicker than the iPad 2 but at 9.4mm thick the battery capacity is double. Apple has squeezed a 42.5wh battery inside pushing all those extra pixels however; you still get an impressive 10 hours of surfing time.

3.       Turbo Processor

The new iPad comes with an impressive A5X chip which packs a 1GHz dual core processor along with a quad core Graphics Processing Unit, which means everything is buttery smooth.

4.       Waist Adjustment

The iPad has ever so slightly become thicker at 241.2 X 185.7 X 9.4mm, weighing at 652g. But you won’t notice any of this with the stunning display in your face.

5.       Camera Upgrade

The front facing camera lets you carry out smooth FaceTime video chats in VGA resolution while the back has an impressive five megapixel sensor on the back.

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