Samsung Galaxy s3?

Is this the Samsung Galaxy s3?

In the midst of speculation that the impending Samsung Galaxy will be of a completely different design to previous models, an apparent image leak has appeared online. The picture strengthens rumours that the South Korean company have decided to go with a different look with their latest product. So how reliable is this ‘leaked image’ and what does it tell us about Samsung’s newest innovation?

Real or Fake?

Of course, supposedly leaked images should by no means be taken as any sort of representation of the truth. Some are real, while some are photoshopped by nerdy tech losers who get their kicks out of fooling the masses. However, if this one is just another image transfigured on Adobe or what not, then I take my hat off to the trickster, for due to touches of genius, I am successfully fooled. Firstly, the design is very impressive, and so if it is a fake; then perhaps the swindler should be working for Samsung, as I fail to see how the s3’s look could be bettered. With a sleek, sheek grey and white exterior, the phone really looks a beauty and doesn’t seem like the work of a lowlife charlatan. No doubt, the design alone had a good few promptly Googling Samsung Galaxy s3 deals.

Another reason as to why I’m pretty convinced this is the real deal is the inclusion of PR firm’s name Weber Shandwick, who have worked with Samsung in the past. It would take a very intelligent and determined prankster to go the lengths of including Weber’s logo into the bottom of the image.

However, there is one hint that all might not be right with this image. In the weather update shown on the phone, five sunny days are anticipated in London. That sounds a bit fishy and causes an element of doubt to enter my mind.

What can we gather about the s3 from the image?

Other than the dazzling grey and white exterior we can learn a great deal about the s3 from this leak (if it’s real of course). It seems like the screen resolution carries a 720p display with a Super AMOLED screen. We can also see a volume rocker, a specific camera button, an essentially glass outer layer and a front speaker grille.

Is the 22nd of May the Big Day?

An interesting note on the leaked image is that a calendar reminder sits on the front of the phone’s screen with the words: ‘Watch a Live Broadcast of the GALAXY S III Unpacked Event’ which is dated for the 22nd May 2012. Could this be the day Samsung pull the rabbit out of the hat?


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