Phone covers, the stylish way to cover up your phone, or just plain tacky?

I recently endeavoured on a shopping trip with a friend who was adamant on getting a phone cover for her iPhone. She had already purchased a bright yellow cover online at a bargain price of 99p…though seeing the quality of the thin strip of cheap highlighter yellow plastic which only covered the back of the phone, the price all of a seemed too much.


So instead we wandered the labyrinth of shops in Manchester in search for the perfect (preferably yellow) phone cover. In that shopping trip, I encountered so many phone covers that made my jaw drop. I came across some Edward Cullen inspired cases, covered in glitter! My eyes were stinging from the sight of 3D sparkly plastic roses stuck on to the case, and the cliché style of animal print.


We eventually settled on an all white case with red design that was very oriental and classy in our eyes, for £15. I thought that was too much to pay for a mobile phone case, until I came across the website They customise cases so that they feature your photographs, giving your phone a unique touch. For £24.99 I must admit I was tempted to put a collage of my family as my cover, or get one of my brothers’ beloved car as an extremely belated birthday present for his iPhone instead. It would beat the usual gift of a spray set, a customisable, one of a kind, unique phone cover.


There is more appeal to a phone cover, besides how it looks of course. Take the Incipio OffGrid Pro for example, a case with inbuilt battery to provide extra juice for your iPhones. It includes not only the case as a battery charger, but also a standalone battery charger that can refuel the second one whilst the first is still in use. For the germaphobe there’s the Proporta Microbial case which has an anti-microbial agent to guard you and your phone from the many germs lurking around.


But if you do just want a pretty case, there are all sorts of choices out there for you, from the cute animal faced designs to the sparkly and pink, from the sleek tiger to the retro disk player look, you name it, there’s probably a design to suit your needs…I’m still googling away trying to find mine!

The retro tape cassette case for iPhone

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