90s Nostalgia: when Blackberry and Apple were just fruits, and Nokia ruled the mobile world

My first phone, perhaps like many of yours, was a Nokia 8310, when I was a teenager. At the time it felt like the most incredible mobile phone in the world, but with the amazing mobile phone technology now at our fingertips, the 8310 seems almost humourous in comparison.


So perhaps hindsight is not the best way to reflect upon the ghosts of mobile past, but rather with warm nostalgia. With the rise of iPhones, Androids, Blackberry and smartphones in general, one has to wonder, so what has Nokia been up to these days?


Well thanks to their timeline, we can see the forgotten phones of Nokia and all that they’ve done through the years. One mobile phone user amusingly comments about their 3210, ‘I loved my dumbphone’, a play on the word smartphone.


A "small" collection of the Nokias we all knew and loved

Nokias have always been phones that incorporated functionality, not future, fashion or flash like the smartphones of today which are always thinking ahead and coming up with new and innovative ideas.


Running on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.5, the Lumia 800 is one phone that could challenge the operating systems of Apple iPhones and Google’s Androids. Detailing on the maps applications is impressive, you’d be lost without the Lumia illuminating your way to your desired destination. Its glossy screen and clear screen make it easy on the eyes.


Nokia also merges past glory with modern elegance, those of us who remember playing the classic game of snake on their green background Nokia, will be happy to know the retro game has made its way onto Nokia smartphones. The touchscreen of the Lumia can be transformed into a replica of the Nokia 5110, complete with on screen chunky buttons.

A blast from the past: the beloved Snake game

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