From photography to the gaming world, mobile phones take over

The advert for the PS Vita reads ‘I may never touch a game on my iPhone again’, showing that the PlayStation recognises the competition potential of smartphones. The PS Vita is not just trying to sell itself from its usual gaming competitors, but from a new threat, the mobile phone gaming experience. With its smooth rounded edges and sleek black finish, the handheld gaming console seems to mimic the design of an Apple device.


The PS Vita comes in Wifi and a 3G/Wifi version for gaming fans

The PS Vita is a portable device, but realistically, how many of us would actually carry around a device purely for sake of playing games? Perhaps if we were going on a long journey on the train or waiting for delayed plane, but more often than not, we are rarely blessed with the luxury of leisure and time. Most of us rush around from place to place, we only have a few moments to spare, hardly enough time to play a game on the play station portable console, but plenty of time to whip our phones out and play a few apps instead.


In a world where everybody is in a rush, smartphones flourish because they are so readily available to us, and convenient. Not only do our mobiles allow us to communicate, but they also entertain us with our preferred choice in music, they allow us to watch videos we may be interested and they are there for us to play games during those few minutes when waiting for a train, or for a lecturer to turn up to class, or when a meeting is delayed.


Given the immediacy of mobile phones, it’s understandable why the PS Vita would single out the iPhone (and by similarity, smartphones in general) in their advertising campaign, as competition. Mobile phones are taking over all aspects of our lives, and now gaming is one more to add to the list.

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