The best Apps to have on your smartphones

Our phones are becoming our best friends almost, they know everything about us, they know what we like to watch, what music we like to listen to, what we like to read etc and with so many apps available, there’s plenty available to suit everybody’s needs.


Most of us have heard of Angry Birds to the point that it would probably be easier to count the number of people who haven’t than who have. There’s even merchandising available in the form of angry bird print t-shirts and alarm clocks.

Temple Run - for the Indiana Jones Style adventure lover

Temple Run is another addictive gaming app where you run from some devilish looking monkeys jumping and sliding over obstacles and collecting as many gold coins as possible. Whether there is ever an actual end to this game, I would never know (having being stuck on a mere 6 million score) but some gamers have managed to reach a 15 million high score, in one single game…which, if you’ve ever played the game, you’d know is an impressive feat. Android users still await the release for temple run on their devices, but with a release date of 27th March, they won’t be waiting for long.

For those who are fans of pictionary, Draw something (Free) is a fun and free app that allows 2 users to play the game with one another on their phones. The best part of the game is that you can see the other persons drawing, as it is being drawn and see the guesses they make for yours. Fruit Ninja and Cut the rope are two more popular game apps you may have heard thrown around by friends.



Instagram is an App which owes its success to Apple, who named it the iPhone App of the year in 2012, it is due to make its way to Android devices soon, though an exact date is not yet known. It is a photo sharing app which allows you to put filters on your photos and giving them a retro effect such as that seen in lomography – whereby colour is emphasised in the style of old and traditional cameras.

Another App which is fun to use for photographers, is Hipstamatic, this app flaws your photos in a gritty but artistic way.


The style of Images you can expect with the Hipstamatic App


The social networking giants ‘TwitFace’ – Twitter and Facebook take the prize here, as most apps have a share your score, share your photo, share your video, share your creation on Facebook or Twitter buttons, it would make sense that the two are installed on your phone for easy access and viewing. WhatsApp is an app that for me personally, eliminates the need for texting people. For some reason, it feels faster to send a WhatsApp message to a contact, rather than a text message. It’s also free to send pictures, videos or an audio note, which can be beneficial to those who have used up their monthly allowance or run out of credit.

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