RIP Kodak, it’s the era of Cameraphones instead

From the grainy pictures we used to take on our mobile phones, to the extreme 41 Megapixel Nokia PureView, cameraphones have come a long way in terms of quality. This may be good news for mobile phone users who have one less digital device to buy (i.e cameras) but bad news for one company who seems to be struggling.

Kodak reported that even with software partnerships with mobile companies like Nokia and Sony Ericsson (in their early days). The company filed for bankruptcy in order to survive a liquidity crisis. Filing for bankruptcy would give the company time to reorganise and sort their problems out, they are currently focusing on printers instead of cameras in order to cover their losses.


Kodak’s problem was it didn’t move with the ages fast enough, the digital era came and they continued to sell films instead of moving to digital too. They have got in on the mobile world though, with two apps; Pick Flick and Document Print, available on the app store, android market and blackberry. The first app allows you to print stored pictures on a Kodak printer and the other lets you send files and web pages to Kodak printers registered with Google Cloud print.


The company went after big names like Apple and HTC for patent infringement, but it was ruled that Apple could not pursue an ongoing patent infringement litigation case against Kodak and it was feared the patent might be sold during Kodak’s bankruptcy before the ownership dispute is resolved.


Whether Kodak bounces back from bankruptcy and patent infringement cases, it seems the road to and beyond recovery will be a difficult one. With more people investing in mobile phones and using them for their photo needs, or otherwise investing in DSLR cameras instead, Kodak is the one of many camera companies that suffers in the digital camera department.

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