Instagram makes its way to Android – “very soon”


With 4,266 votes and listed as a 5 star app in the Apple app store, Instagram is one of the more popular mobile editing applications. You may see people tweeting their artistic photographs or posting pictures online on facebook via instagram and feel jealous because it is an app you cannot download on your phone, but good news for android users, the popular photo app is due to make its way to their mobiles. Though an exact date is unknown, the instagram creators comment it will be “very soon” and that, in some ways, it will be better than the iPhone versions.

For those unfamiliar to the app, it is a fun little editing thing. It confines the shape of your photographs to a square as homage to polaroid snapshots and retro photography. With many different artistic filters as well as blurring or soft focus options and photo frames too, it transforms the most mundane photograph and spews out an artistic image that users can share via social networking sites with all their friends and followers. One user on twitter jokingly tweeted “Instagram Announces Android Version…I bet the bathroom models are excited!”


With the app store, instagram racked up an impressive 25,000 users on its first day alone, this has grown now to a staggering 27 million users to date. Instagram owes a lot of its success to Apple, especially as with the release of the 4S, they named it their ‘App of the Year’. If the photo App had 27 million users with Apple product users alone, one can only imagine what the level of success will be when the application makes its way to android devices too.

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