Smartphones take the world by storm at Mobile World Congress 2012

According to its website, this years Mobile World congress was set to be the biggest and best one yet! Set in sunny Spain; Barcelona, it featured App Planet (“the centre of the Mobile Apps Universe”) and the Global Mobile Awards programme, which celebrates the innovative advancements made by the mobile phone industry. Add to this, 1,400 exhibitors showcasing their products and technology, and it sounds like an event that should not have been missed by mobile moguls or lovers anywhere.


This years Mobile World Congress presented us with a variety of phones to drool over. Take the Samsung galaxy beam for example, this golden lined phone may look like any other Samsung smartphone, but it’s chunkier to accommodate its’ built in projector. Yes, you read correctly, an inbuilt projector for a mobile phone. This somewhat wacky mobile, can project high quality images for hours of entertainment.

Samsung Galaxy beam with built in projector

The focus seemed to be on photos, with CEO of HTC, Peter Chou comparing their camera for the new phone HTC One, to that of its competitor – the iPhone 4S. Nokia on the other hand, wowed all with their new 41 mega pixel camera and its’ screen of up to 5 inches in length. The Nokia 808 PureView costing $605 (roughly £384) is set for a global release, but excludes North America. The continent need not worry it’s missing out though, as Executive Vice President Jo Harlow commented that the 41 megapixel camera is set to make its way to Windows phones in the near future.


Nokia 808 PureView with 41 Megapixel camera

And after a 5 year absence from the European smartphone market, Panasonic is back! Introducing their water and dustproof Panasonic Eluga, this high end smartphone is priced at £480 and set for a late April release.

The water and dustproof Panasonic Eluga

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