Nokia N9

Nokia N9 certainly has a grasping power, this to be released phone has all one can think of a smart phone, so if asked from me I would certainly go for this new beauty on the block.  Many of its features make it even more outstanding than new and yet to be released iPhone5.may be not very much a part in quality and performance than other smart phones like iphone, HTC, android phones but just because it is different and the difference is all what people are looking for now a days so the fact is that Nokia N9 is different from the competition in several ways.

My Reason

First of all, the phone is running on all new MeeGo OS 1.2;it is  an open-source operating system platform led by Nokia and Intel among others. There was much hype of  MeeGo before being released and Nokia N9 is using the same platform ,  so here is an  opportunity to try it out. , Although there are some disapproving reports on MEEGO that it is not as up to the mark like it’s counterparts and other  Android standards, But  it does bring some unique things to the table including a tri-screen navigation system consisting of apps, notifications and multicasting. It’s a simple and elegant layout that seems to be a happy medium between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android user interface.

Next  reason to choose Nokia N9 as Smartphone would be   the hardware itself. The phone just looks sweet with the full-screen glass front sans a single physical button interrupting it. Also as is common with most Nokia phones, the 8-megapixel camera with the Carl Zeiss lens, it puts most every other smartphone camera to shame. The camera is apparently so good; you’ll forget that you even had a stand-alone digital camera 99% of the time.

So along with all new  Samsung, Motorola or Apple smartphone, you must go and check the  Nokia N9. Its value for money phone .

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