LG ‘s Optimus 3D

LGs announcement of launching all new optimus 3D is making quite a stir in mobile market as it is one of a kind phone in market. This Korean electronics  giant is looking ahead to its market results will certainly take them a step ahead from there rival companies.

It is an exciting technology that will certainly attract the consumers with its new 3D features 3D technology will specially have  an appeal in  the youth consumer market. As young people are often seen keen to watch their videos and downloaded movies seem as real as possible.

According to recent reviews, although the 3D market is currently in a dwindling phase as reported by market reviews on 3D movie market . This phone has some really special features to look for

It is a  fun gadget , inevitable on a mobile device, and comes with a  great conversation piece. The

4.3-inch glasses-free 3D  screen display’s its effect in film, games . The screen ‘s user Interaction is quite convincing .It uses the sets applied parallax barrier technology.the phone runs in switchable mode you can opt for 3d or just switch it off .in switched off mode the  effect  is unnoticeable. The best part of phone is that you can create a 3 D movie with its dual cameras and watch them on your 3D set via HDMI.

Although the size of   Optimus LG 3D  is by no means small , it is  still quite  comfortable to hold. Device is made up off high quality material as per it’s brand value – the OS is pretty fast and there is no lagging while running videos or plying games. It is in a way very unique experience and if you are someone with an eye for NEW and INNOVATIVE you might consider having one.

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