In Bed with Mobile..

Recent surveys done on brits showed a big revelation….who do they take to bed….You might be surprised finding urself as a part of one of the biggest majority in world and you don’t even know if you take your mobile phone to bed with you are part of it..

Talking just about the UK population its been very evident that brits generally take long calls on  their mobile phones while in bed kitchen, washrooms and mostly in is really funny and amazing how treands become just because habits of almost all urban population coincides at some or the other point..

Britishers seem more habitual to spend long hrs in bed with their mobile phones..According  to reports done by survey company. Talks from business, to politics romances to fights ..No discrimination..apart from talks there are many other things brits spend time on while fiddling with there phones at night .

A owner of a fully loaded mordern smart phone will know very well what is meant here.. you own a mobile start using it for talks messages etc. But we all know this is not all what we have invested for, all this can be done with the lease prices cheap mobile phones also..the more you look around in your phone more you this eagerness to find all that their mobile phone is capable of is a great deal responsible for people getting busy with their phones at night..

Like a welcoming surprise  when you come to know how many in built applications your phone has come with, or just that your manufacturer is providing millions of free songs from well known popular and new records and are absolutely free to be downloaded for the mobiles owner of that particular Brand.once after the user gets well acquainted with all that is offered by their phone they sure want to use it more and more just to get the value of the money they have invested , working professionals or homemaker, business person anyone with a busy life gets some quite, their own  time at night ..and mobiles phones have managed to capture their attention at those free hours..
on average a brit spends up to two hours each night fiddling with mobiles while between the sheets.

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