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New Smartphones Coming in 2019

If you thought smartphones couldn’t get any smarter, they soon will! The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this month unveiled a wealth of upgrades, new features and advanced technology to satisfy the keenest of tech-savvy geeks. 2019 is going to be a game-changer for mobile phone technology. 5G will transform the speed of connection to the internet and enable the downloading of huge amounts of data. We’ll see the first generation of 5G-ready

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When is 5G coming?

5G, the next generation in mobile phone technology, is set to transform our lives by powering businesses, improving our homes and enabling revolutionary products such as driver-less cars. But what is 5G and how and why does it have the ability to change so much? What is 5g? The new technology will use higher frequencies than 4G resulting in more speed and higher bandwidth. 5G could even bring about the end of Wi-Fi, particularly in

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The Top Three Stores to buy Second-Hand Phones

Have you ever wondered what happens to used mobile phones that are no longer wanted? For a start, they shouldn’t be chucked in a bin – they contain toxic substances such as cadmium in the batteries, lead and flame retardants which could harm the environment if incorrectly disposed of – but recycled instead. Once second-hand phones have been tested and found to be in reasonable condition, they’re often shipped abroad and sold, for example, in

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Five Wacky Ways To Charge Your Smartphone

We all dread the moment our smartphone screen turns blank or a ‘low battery’ notification comes up, especially when we’re on the move and can’t find a charge point. But there are some wild and wacky, environmentally friendly ways – alternative and renewable – to recharge your phone without electricity. In recent years, researchers have come up with novel ideas involving physical and naturally occurring phenomena. There’s even a twist on the old idea of

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Where now for Apple?

The very name ‘Apple’ conjures up images of exquisitely designed products, state of the art technology and a deeply satisfying experience for the user. But how has the company fared since the death of its founder, Steve Jobs, in 2011? Is it too big to fail? And will Apple continue to be one of the most successful global companies in terms of earnings and profit? We’ll take a look at how CEO Tim Cook has

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Fascinating facts you should know about your iPhone’s battery life

The recent revelation that Apple firmware sometimes slows down older iPhones with ageing batteries to prevent them from shutting down unexpectedly has created a perfect storm in the tech world. Apple claims that they have never and would never shorten the life of any of their products deliberately to encourage the purchase of upgrades. They would say that, wouldn’t they! On the contrary, they maintain that their aim has always been to design products that

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