These are the top 3 stores to sell your old phone

Need some extra cash? In this article, we’ll reveal the top 3 stores for selling your old phone.

If you have an old phone or two lying around, you could be sitting on £100, £200, £300 or above £700 without knowing about it!

The easiest way to get cash for your old phone is with a mobile recycling company who will either collect your phone or prepay for your postage.

There are 3 reputable stores that stand out from the crowd: I Need A Mobile, Mazuma and Music Magpie. We’ll take a closer look at these 3 stores below to get to the bottom of which is best for selling your old phone.

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Earn up to £800 for your smartphone without getting out of your house!

Recycling your smartphone with I Need A Mobile couldn’t be easier under Covid-19 circumstances. Whilst your mainstream network operators like you’re O2 and EE have closed shops, we have made it easier than ever before for you to sell your smartphone. You literally do not need to get out of your house! Our mobile recycling service has been going for ten years and you can be sure we have thought of everything. We also offer the most competitive prices on all makes and models. Not only that, you will receive your payment directly into your bank account on the same day we receive your device!

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Second Hand Phone Industry Experiencing Massive Growth

Persistence Marketing Research has forecast that the second-hand market in mobile smartphones will experience huge expansion and grow to around $40bn in terms of global revenue by 2025, increasing from almost $20bn in 2017 and enlarging the global refurbished and used mobile phone market by almost 9% CAGR over the same period.

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How to safely buy a Second Hand Phone

In the last post, we looked at where to buy a used smartphone and what to look for. Now we consider issues such as returns policies, warranties and consumer rights, which provide protection and can be as important as the the condition of a second-hand phone. These rights and safeguards demonstrate that buying a pre-owned device is little different from buying new.

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Used Mobile Phones: Now A $20bn Industry

Buying and selling second-hand mobile phones online used to be a fairly amateurish business based on a few little-known marketplace sites. Both the apparent lack of demand for pre-owned mobiles and the belief that they were of minimal value meant that there was little in this low key, informal industry to interest the mainstream corporate world of new consumer gadgets. No longer!

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UK’s Least Favourite Mobile Networks

Poor old Vodafone! Rated yet again as the UK’s worst mobile network provider for the eighth year in a row, according to the consumer lobby group Which? in their 2019 survey. The consumer watchdog aims to highlight the best network choice in terms of customer service, technical support and value for money. Thirteen networks in total were included in the survey of 6,135 Which? members in February.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold: To Buy or Not to Buy?

Ever since Samsung broke the news of launching its upcoming Galaxy Fold smartphone, mobile phone lovers have been in a frenzy. After all, who can blame them? The South Korean giant’s radical, yet innovative approach to smartphone design – the first of its kind – gives users the luxury of a day-to-day smartphone along with the media-rich experience of tablet simply by folding the device.

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