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I Need A Mobile was launched back in 2010 with humble beginnings by young entrepreneur, Kasim Javed, who was struggling to pay his university fees. With the aspiration to complete university, Kasim used his experience working as a part-time sales adviser for major mobile network retailers to establish a mobile phone recycling company.

The concept of a “Second Hand Phone” at the time was seen as a “risky purchase” with a high chance of being faulty and therefore deterred potential buyers. The main places at the time to purchase a second hand phone was by sellers on the likes of eBay and Amazon or a local retail store. However, this led to a lack of confidence in second-hand phones due to common occurrences of faulty and fraudulent transactions.

I Need A Mobile helped to overcome this lack of confidence by professionalising the concept of a second hand phone by offering rigorously tested devices by industry technicians and backing the products with a lengthy return and warranty policy.

All our stock is graded the same way as when we began into three distinct grading criteria’s; Pristine, Very Good and Good condition. You can watch this video to learn more about how we grade our devices.

Our formula has worked for thousands of people over the last ten years and the droves of positive feedback around the internet speak for themselves.

By offering a high quality service that includes a free next day delivery, 12 month warranty and 30 day returns policy, offering good value for money and backing it with strong company moral and ethics, I Need A Mobile has developed itself into a reputable brand for second hand smartphones, tablets and watches.

You can shop with trust and confidence here on our website as thousands of others have over the years. Our enthusiastic support team is available to speak to you 24/7 over live chat and available on the phone to speak during working hours.

So whether you wish to purchase a second hand mobile, sell your old phone, buy an accessory, book a phone repair or simply browse around to check prices or read our mobile news & tech blog, you can feel at home with I Need A Mobile.

For business enquiries please visit our Wholesale department.

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