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App of the Day – Serpent of Isis

You may not be a fan ordinary tap-to-find hidden object games but we can tell you that this game offers so much more than taping to finding hidden objects, it will keep you interested in the suspenseful plotline. From the … Continue reading

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App of the day – Hail a cab with Hailo

Don’t you just hate sticking out your hand on busy road trying to get the attention of taxi drivers or even calling and waiting for a taxi? No need to worry anymore, the taxi app for London and Dublin allows … Continue reading

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Phone covers, the stylish way to cover up your phone, or just plain tacky?

I recently endeavoured on a shopping trip with a friend who was adamant on getting a phone cover for her iPhone. She had already purchased a bright yellow cover online at a bargain price of 99p…though seeing the quality of … Continue reading

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Photographers’ choice – the best cameraphones

DSLR cameras are becoming as common a commodity to have as mobile phone these days, but for the person who wants to take a photo the moment a photo moment arises, you cannot waste time fumbling around with attaching the … Continue reading

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Apple iPhone 4 Review at

Watch the latest Apple iPhone 4 review below. The iPhone 4 is certainly a brilliant and very powerful smartphone! It has a whole host of features which no other smartphone’s have for example: Facetime, iTunes, and the amazing app store … Continue reading

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I Need A Mobile Launches Review Channel have just launched a review channel where you can see the latest reviews of the latest phones. Including Apple iPhone 4 reviews, and many others to follow. Selling used phones for low prices means we try our best to … Continue reading

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A revolution in Mobile Phone Designs by iPhone 4s

Steve Jobs, the man who gave iPod, iPad and iPhone to the world had revolutionized the designing of the mobile phone. Prior to Apple’s entry into the latest mobile phone market, most manufacturers used to focus on the functions of … Continue reading

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Security Features in iPhone 4S

Mobile Phone security has become as important as computer security measures. Because more and more people are switching from computers to mobiles the virus and security attacks are increasing on the mobile phones. Except very high end phones likes iPhone … Continue reading

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iPhone 4S Siri – the Ultimate Application That Everybody Loves

When Apple launched iPhone 4S, everyone what is so great about iPhone 4S. Several other phones also have similar features like ease of use, touch screen, several applications, fast speed, sleek look and so on and so forth.  The cost … Continue reading

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iPhone 4s Look alike Mobile – To buy or Not to Buy

Chinea being the manufacturing capital of the World has been providing the cheap mobile phones of the OEM vendors like Nokia, Motorola, BlackBerry, and even Apple. These Multinational organizations order the mobile phone manufacturing to the companies in China who … Continue reading

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