Android App of the day – Horn


You will not be disappointed with this game…we promise

Have you ever wanted to play a 3D adventure game which includes a blend of combat and platforming action on your smartphone that feels and looks like a console game? Then head over to the Google Play Store where a new game called Horn has been released.

Horn puts you in the shoes of a young blacksmith who wakes up one day to find his village and lands in ruin and over run by large magical beasts. The boy finds out that these are actually the people and animals from the village that have been transformed by a curse, and takes it upon himself to return everything and everyone back to normal.

The in-game graphics are amazing, the lighting effects, textures and details are spectacular with dynamic water simulation, enhanced shadows and physically simulated clothing really adds to the console game feeling. The sound is also impressive with the small bouts of classical music and ambient sound effects.

If you’ve played Infinity Blade you’ll be familiar with the swipe-based, one-on-one melee combat. It feels less precise and tactical. The only option you have is to hack away at the enemy and dodge left or right.

There’s also an extensive upgrade system that’ll keep you hooked, from upgrading weapons, amulets and costumes.

Overall, the Horn has a strong, compelling storyline with amazing graphics but the only downside is the linear gameplay.

Download Horn here: Horn

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