iPhone app of the Day – The Heist

the heist

If you’re looking for some challenging puzzles then download The Heist

If you’re in one of those moods to get your brain working harder than usual then head over to the App store and download an app called The Heist.

Once you download and open this game you’ll be thrown straight in front of a vault safe guarded by electrified bars and CCTV cameras scanning for intruders. At the bottom of the screen you’ll find four symbols that represent four types of puzzles that need to be cracked in order to take down the vault’s defense system and claim the prize hidden within.

You aren’t given any clue or explanation of what to do; instead you’ll have to use that brain within your skull to solve the puzzles. One of the challenges will see you shifting around wooden blocks of various shapes and sizes to make a path for a circuit board, another will see you placing coloured symbols on a grid so that never get the same symbol twice horizontally or vertically, others challenges will echo styles of Sudoku with colour coded pebbles and a final puzzle will see a robot pushing power blocks around a tiny grid to their chargers.

Once you’ve solved a certain number of puzzles one of the defenses guarding the games vault will disarm. Disarm them all and you’ll win the game.

It’s not a game for the feint hearted but it is fun and will get your brain rocking in terms of puzzle-solving.

You can find the app here: The Heist

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