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BabyPing for iOS

BabyPing for iOS devices

So you’ve left your child in a room along with a baby monitor, now every little sniff, cough or noise that your little baby does is picked up by the baby monitor. You’re just about to nod off and the monitor would pick up a small noise, what do you do?

Now we don’t advise you to switch off the monitor, instead we advise you to go and buy the Baby Ping. The Baby Ping is an upgraded version of a baby monitor which allows you to not only hear when your little one’s in trouble or distress but also stream a video that the Baby Ping captures on to your iPhone or iPad.

The BabyPing uses the latest technology to keep parents constantly and instantly informed. It combines a free monitoring app as well as a wealth of security and safety features which includes double-layer security and alerts to inform the user if the baby is crying, the Wi-Fi connection has been broken or if your iOS device is out of range.

BabyPing comes with a full colour video with 640×480 resolution, a high-quality built-in microphone and a superfast wireless Wi-Fi. The BabyPing also has specifically designed technology called Smart Filter which cuts out background noise and static normally associated with baby monitors and also has Constant-Connect which acts as a permanent tether between the app and monitor. Not only BabyPing is the only Wi-Fi baby monitor on the market with invisible infared night vision.

The BabyPing will however set you back with its price but it’s a price worth paying for to know that your child is safe.

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