iOS app of the Day – Gears

Gears for iOS

Levels are expansive and the controls are great

Remember the Atari arcade game called Marble Madness released in 1984 where you have to guide a marble through a number of courses? Well, Gears is much easier in terms of gameplay and controls.

Basically, in Gears you control a little ball and have to guide it through a number of hazardous environments and get to the end without the timer running out.

The game allows you to use tilt-controls but is terrible in comparison to the clever touch screen controls. With the touch screen controls enabled all you have to do is flick or push anywhere on the screen and the ball will move in the direction of the gesture. The controls work really well and give you a better experience.

The levels in Gears are expansive and that’s what makes the game interesting. The early stages may be simple but as you move on the levels get you testing your skills and reaction speeds.

The only thing with Gears is that it has no checkpoints so you’ll have to start all over again but the longer levels are short so it’s nothing to really work about.

Overall, Gears is a game that will keep you coming back for more not only that, it’s also great on the iPad which makes it easier to move without restricting your view.

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