NES inspired GameDock turns your iPhone into a console

NES GameDock

The retro NES-styled GameDock

Nowadays you can attach a controller or gamepad to your iPhone so that you can you can turn it into something that looks like a Sony PSP or an old school Gameboy. Well, the team at Cascadia Games has gone that extra mile and created a retro GameDock that turns your iPhone 4, iPad, iPod touch into a video games console.

Just to give you a heads up, it only works on iPhone 4 and over, iPad 2 and over and iPad Touch 4 over. As we mentioned this project comes from the Oregon-based team at Cascadia Games and has currently gone over its $50,000 funding goal.

The GameDock has a retro Nintendo-y vibe going on, with a pair of NES style USB controllers and a dock that takes iDevices, it also comes with a HDMI cable so that you can connect it to a television. But if you don’t have a TV to connect it to, you can still play on the screen of your device.

Now, one of main problems with this type of hardware is the games. How do you get games that use only two buttons? Not to worry, creators Chris Jorgensen and Andi Greise have noted on their Kickstarter page that iCade apps with no more than two action buttons and menu buttons should work nicely. They are also creating a dashboard app and plan to fill it with compatible apps.

The GameDock should be available for December but you still have till August 16th to fund the project.

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