Vers 1Q – The wooden Bluetooth Speaker

Vers 1Q speakers

The portable wooden Bluetooth speaker that fits in the palm of your hand

We don’t know if you are but usually we’re not fans of tiny mobile speakers. They may be handy for sharing music but carrying them sometimes becomes a hassle but in this case the Vers 1Q just might be the one that actually gets us excited.

The Vers 1Q measures 3-inches across all sides and is made out of 6mm-thick bamboo and walnut that looks and sounds naturally better than the plastic speakers out there. The Vers 1Q is small enough to fit into the palm of your hands which has Bluetooth built in to keep your place neat and clutter free.

The Vers 1Q offers a wireless range of 30 feet but just in case you need to hook up a non-wireless source, it features a 3.5mm Aux in connection. The speaker also packs an internal rechargeable battery that lasts up to 10 hours via microUSB.

The Vers 1Q packs a 6.5 watt amp but the cool thing about this is that when you plug in another 1Q it turns into a 13 watt stereo, it comes with an ‘auto-switching’ feature that converts the single mono speaker into stereo L & R.

The Vers 1Q is currently listed as an ongoing project on Kickstarter. With pledges starting at $95 for a 1Q made with either bamboo or walnut, a $125 pledge however will get you a limited edition 1Q in Red beech.

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