App of the Day – Serpent of Isis

The serpent of isis app

Its challenging puzzles and interesting story will keep you hooked

You may not be a fan ordinary tap-to-find hidden object games but we can tell you that this game offers so much more than taping to finding hidden objects, it will keep you interested in the suspenseful plotline.

From the makers, Big Fish Games, Serpent of Isis offers you a challenging game with an interesting storyline. You may find other games like this out there but Big Fish Games definitely pulls this one off.

This game is all about the story, as it progresses you’ll find yourself in a number of different places, searching for objects and clues that will unlock the next location. The items you pick up on your journey will be added to your inventory and can be used to find other objects that can be combined to help you with mini-quest. As soon as you think you’re not getting anywhere you’ll enter into a mini-quest that’ll get piecing together a puzzle or unlock a safe. This brings a fresh spin into the mix that gives the game a Sherlock Holmes feeling.

We guarantee that this game will draw you in. Not only will you be finding objects but you will be finishing puzzles and quests, to unlock a bit more of the story.

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