Android app of the day – Oscura


Oscura is a simply artistic challenging platformer

Every played Limbo? The minimal, silhouetted style, spooky game? Well Oscura is one of those types of games but it’s not a bad thing – it suits mobile gaming wonderfully.

So the story goes like this. There’s a lighthouse that keeps dark creatures at bay but one day it explodes which means it leaves the door open for red eyed monsters to roam freely. The impish keeper, Oscura, now has to go out on a challenging repair mission to collect all the scattered light shards and restore protection to the lands.

Oscura is a 2D platformer that comes with a twist. You may not be able to dodge monster or obstacles as quickly as possible but with a swipe on the screen Oscura can slow down time for a limited time but can be refilled as you pick up more shards of light.

Oscura comes with a different control scheme compared to other games out there. Hold on to one side of the screen and Oscura will run in that direction, now tapping on the other side while holding on the other side will make Oscura jump and tapping again will make Oscura double jump. Tapping on both sides while standing still will make Oscura jump straight up but if those controls aren’t to your liking you can toggle to the more traditional virtual buttons.

The best thing about Oscura has got to be the art style. The plain black silhouettes are punctuated by colour makes for a surreal and enjoyable experience and animations are natural and convincing.

Anyone who is interested in a platformer that’s short, challenging and exploring a bizarre, dark fantasy world then Oscura is the game for you.

You can find Oscura here on Google Play.

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