Curvy new keyboard leaked for Windows Phone

Microsoft curvy keyboard

A leaked image of Microsoft’s curvy keyboard

Typing on the new smartphones nowadays is a struggle, you have to use both hands to use the keyboard. According to WMPowerUser images leaked from an internal presentation at Microsoft showed an image of a future Windows Phone keyboard that allows you to use only one thumb.

The image shows a keyboard which curves out of the bottom right-side of the phone into an arc for one-thumb typing. The images don’t seem to look well put together but it could be a render from the internal presentation. Looking at the images the orange text seems slightly iffy but according to video featuring the Director of Mobile Computing Research, Dr Victor Bahl, this type of keyboard has been in the works for quite some time.

The new keyboard looks interesting with multiple letters on the same key and not to mention the curved nature in general but we’ll just have to wait and see until it actually comes out.

Recently, Microsoft has been pushing out hot new start screens for both mobile and desktop to snagging the up-and-coming Yammer enterprise social network for $1.2 billion. It seems like Microsoft still has some tricks up their sleeves.

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