Accessory of the day – HTC One X Seido Surface case

HTC One X Seido Surface case

The HTC One X Seido Surface case

We know how thin, light and fragile the HTC One X feels in your hands but we also know that you wouldn’t want to put a casing on it that’ll make it larger than it already is. So we’ve looked around and found a case for you that protects but doesn’t add bulk and also makes it stand out from the crowd.

So, here we have the Seido case, a two-piece design that slides over the top and bottom sections of the phone and locks together in the middle. The casing is pretty much a thin but hard case that has a rubberized feel to it. Inside the casing you’ll find that it’s lined with a felt material so that it provides extra protection.

You’ll find that the power buttons and the volume buttons are covered by the case with the headphone jack, microphone, speaker and micro USB port areas nicely cut out so you wouldn’t have any interference with their functions.

A little feature that’s added to the casing is a kickstand on the back which allows the HTC One X to rest in landscape mode so you can watch all your favourite movies or videos. The only problem you might find is that you’ll need some fingernails to actually pull the kickstand out.

Overall, the Seido case is a casing that will make you feel reasonably safe if you were to accidently drop the phone. It’s in between a tough casing and a thin casing that doesn’t add too much bulk.

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