A Three-Minute call helps diagnose Parkinson’s

parkinsons voice initiative

Parkinson’s Voice Initiative aims make the aims to make the test available in the next two years

Usually you would go to the doctors to check if you have any health related problems but imagine if you could make a single call that will help you diagnose a life threatening illness.

Over at TEDx in Edinburgh, a new project was launched which enabled people to use their voice to help identify whether they have Parkinson’s disease or not. Creator of the new project Max Little says,

“Voice is affected as much by Parkinson’s as limb movement.”

According to his algorithms, they can detect the symptoms of the disease with 86% accuracy.

Parkinson’s disease is a devastating neurological disease which develops gradually and starts off with slight shaking in either hand. So far no blood tests have helped doctors identify the disease but with the implementation of this new project, individuals will be able to identify the disease.

A simple three-minute call to an automated system can help you diagnose the disease by asking you to answer a few questions and repeat a few sentences.

Parkinson’s Voice Initiative team is offering the service to Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Spain, US and UK as a test which will help the organisation train its systems and test the algorithms. The team is hoping to record roughly 10,000 voices in total.

The team hopes to make the project available in the next two years where accurate clinical tests can be administered remotely and where patients will be able take the tests themselves.

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