Robin – The voice activated mobile assistance for Android

Robin for Android

The new voice activated mobile assistance for Android

You must have heard that in the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) that Apple has upgraded and improved on Siri. If you have, you’ll know that Android users will be getting their very own voice activated natural language mobile assistant.

Meet Robin……no we’re not talking about the counterpart to DC Comics superhero Batman, we’re talking about Siri’s new rival Robin available for android.

Magnifis have released Robin, a voice-controlled mobile app designed for drivers to keep their eyes on the road and off their device. You can ask Robin for directions, local places, real-time parking, traffic information, gas prices, weather, twitter news and much more. What’s better is that its motion activated rather than button-activated. You can wave your hand twice in front and above the screen or brush the top brim of your phone and speak.

The only problem is that Robin can’t do things that Siri can do like, send text messages and play music, It only focuses mainly on driving-related tasks. We can tell you that even though Robin is still in beta, it is a better co-pilot than Siri now….maybe until the new upgraded Siri comes out for iOS 6.

The new voice activated mobile assistance Robin is still in the beta process but can be snatched off the Google Play Store for free (HERE).

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