The New Facebook Phone – What to expect

Facebook PhoneIf you haven’t heard there have been a number of rumours circling around the internet about Facebook bringing out a new smartphone. We’re not talking about a Facebook button on a HTC phone but a fully working smartphone designed by the social networking giant itself.

A Polish designer that goes by the name of Michal Bonikowski has created some concept designs on what the Facebook phone could look like and from the first glimpse we can tell you that it looks blue, just blue or if you want to be more accurate Facebook blue.

Michal has imagined the screen to be around 4.2-inches, slightly larger in comparison to the iPhone with the casing made from aluminium. The Facebook logo is etched into the metal plate near the 8-megapixel rear camera. It also comes with a front facing 5-megapixel camera for Facebook video calls. The phone looks pretty slim too with a white edge trimming. You’ll find the lock button on top of the phone along with the headphone jack.

Overall, the design of the phone looks pretty impressive but would you actually want a phone that is solely focused around Facebook? Is it just a gimmick or will it be a strong competitor between the latest smartphones in the market?

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