HTC One X Smartphone Summary

HTC One XYou must have seen the cool advert where a fashion student skydives out of an aeroplane and starts recording and taking pictures at the same time? Well…..this is the phone we’re reviewing.

The HTC One X is perfect in your hands; it’s perfectly secure and weighted in your hands. Why else do you think the fashion student was able to skydive out of an aeroplane with this phone? The One X may look big but it’s not as big as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus or Note but user with small hands may find the One X a bit bulky. Nevertheless, the quad-core processor will allow you to browse the web at lightning speeds.

A neat feature is the addition of the recent apps button which brings up a thumbnail view of all the open programmes, with a flick of the finger or thumb the open apps can be easily disposed of.

The HTC Sense 4.0 experience is lag free; HTC fans will love how much the One X can be customised with the additional 25GB of Dropbox space that is free to HTC One X users. However, novices to the HTC One X will be left puzzled with the amount of options available.

They biggest feature on the phone is of course the 8 megapixel camera, as we said at the beginning; we can tell you that it does live up to the expectations. It takes a rapid 0.7 seconds to load and can switch between video and taking photos by touching the on screen video and shutter icons. The One X allows you to capture images while you’re filming, you can hold down the shutter button and take up to 99 shots in a continuous burst.

The only drawback with the HTC One X is the battery life, you’ll be lucky to get through a full day without charge but that’s the case with most high end smartphones.

All we can say is, ‘it’s a beauty, with a beast hidden within’.

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