Facebook Camera – App of the Day

facebook camera appHate loading photos one by one on your Facebook app? Well, Facebook have introduced a separate photo-sharing app for the iPhone. The new Facebook App allows you to take images, share the images as well as allowing you to browse your friend’s pictures.

After paying one billion dollars for the photo-sharing app Instagram in April, Facebook launched the app this earlier this month and a few questions popped up with the release of the new app but we’ll let you know what we thought about it.

How well does the app work?

We can tell you that it works very well. The design of the app allows you to browse through your friend’s photos and upload your photos at speed. It lets you swipe through a timeline of photos, with icons to like them or comment. A bar at the top of the screen contains a camera icon, which allows you to take pictures which appear next the camera icon, and finally a grid of photos enables you to tick some photos, tag your friends, comment on and then upload. On top of all that, photos can be cropped and have a variety of filters applied to them.

The Facebook Camera app is only good for uploading batch photos but not preferable for browsing…..that’s what the main Facebook apps for. The new Facebook app is like a new add on but it’s just an app in its own right.

It’s ideal for those moments when you’re on holiday or at parties when you have a ton of pictures to upload.

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