41-Megapixel Camera or Phone – The Nokia 808 Pureview

nokia pureview 808Typically, the camera has always been another feature on mobile phones but not on this phone. On the Nokia 808 Purview the camera comes first and the phone comes second, the reason being is that it comes with a colossal 41-megapixel camera! Think about it, the HTC One X and the Galaxy S3 comes with an 8-megapixel camera, it even has more pixels than a digital SLR!

Due to the large images sizes when using the 41-megapixel camera, the Nokia 808 allows you to capture images using three, five or eight megapixels but when capturing images at 41-megapixels, it combines the pixels into super pixels making the image size smaller as well as reducing the noise.

Compared to Nokia’s previous camera phones, this has got to be the best one yet. Taking photographs on the Nokia 808 is spectacular, the level of detail will blow you away, with exceptional contrast and colours that are natural and vibrant. Even when you use the digital zoom, you will not lose any of the quality meaning you won’t get that grainy effect. Brighter than the LED flash used in current smartphones, the Nokia 808 comes with a Xenon flash which is much brighter.

The only downside to the Nokia 808 is that it runs on the Symbian operating system but Nokia has hinted that this is the phone to bear the Purview name, suggesting that it may arrive on the latest range including the Lumia range.

Costing around £500 the Nokia 808 Purview is a pricey phone.

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