Free earphones with your smartphones; is it enough to tempt a sale?

Last year, HTC cashed in on Dre beats earphones by the hip-hop mogul himself, Dr Dre, offering the earphones free with the purchase of their HTC Sensation XE and Sensation XL mobile phones. Now it seems Nokia is doing the same thing.

For a limited time, lasting just through the month of May, Nokia are offering Free Monster headphones worth £199 with every Nokia Lumia 800
and 900 purchased. The Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset by Monster doubles up as a hands-free kit, with its’ in line mic allowing for control over both music and phone calls. It comes in 4 colours, classic black, stunning silver, sweet pink and a bright blue, with matching headset & cables, as well as a foldable carry case for storage, it seems Nokia is going all out to try and tempt mobile phone consumers.

Is this an effective strategy though?

Of course, when people hear the word free, they come running, but are free headphones enough of an incentive to make a person want to purchase a mobile phone? Listening to music on your mobile phone is certainly one of the top uses of a mobile phone for the younger generation, but surely if they wanted the earphones, they’d just buy them directly anyway wouldn’t they?

That seems to be thought that is plaguing HTC product exec Martin Fichter’s mind at the moment, as he considers pulling the plug on the free Beats headphone deal he has going on. According to the exec, the headphone incentive hadn’t brought in as much sale as expected, as “An accessory like the headphone doesn’t factor in when someone is buying a smartphone. If they want a Beats headphone, they’ll buy it directly.”

Instead he is looking to incorporate beats stereo technology into its smartphones as a means of differentiating it from the many other smartphones in the market, which makes sense as over the years Apples iPhone has been dominating the smartphone market. In its early years, the competition was between an iPhone and Blackberry but long gone are the days where a Blackberry was competition for anything, as more and more people are trading in their BB devices to upgrade to other smartphones. So, differentiating their smartphones by focusing on music technology seems like a smart move, as most smartphones seems unmemorable these days.

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