Mini Motor Racing– App of the Day

Mini Motor Racing ThumbnailIf you are a fan of racing games like Micro Machines, Reckless Racing and Badlands then it’s time for you to get your wallet out and start downloading.

Mini Motor has stunning graphics and smooth gameplay; it’s a game that you will find familiar. It’s a top-down, non-realistic, lap racer with all the usual power-ups, car upgrades and track, cup and vehicle unlocks, with all of this it’s certainly worth your £1.25 or thereabouts.

Mini Motor Racing works well on all platforms, whether it’s on an iPhone, iPad or HTC. The game is basic, choose your car, choose your track, get behind the wheel and start racing, the only difference is that you can use which method you use to control the cars, whether it’s a steering wheel or arrows. The graphics are pleasing to the eyes from the sights and sounds of the environment to the screeching, skidding and boosting of the car around the bends.

The only downside is that it is possible to unlock everything from the beginning by the means of in-app payments. OK, it’s understandable if the developers wanted to get paid but it does leave a nasty taste in your mouth. The other downside is the game is the multiplayer mode is that you actually find enough players online to get a game going.

If top-down racers are your kind of games then go ahead by all means buy and install this game. If the multiplayer could be improved upon then this game would have got an extra star from us.

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