Spotify For iPad

Spotify for iPadIt’s been a few weeks now since the biggest music streaming service Spotify has been released for the iPad and it is stunning. Here’s a quick review on what we liked about the app.

Spotify for the iPad is exactly what you’d expect, it’s pleasing to the eye, agile and the perfect for browsing content while you’re on the couch.

Spotify’s director Charlie Hellman says,

“We didn’t want to do a simple port, because we imagine two use cases: this app as a legitimate replacement for your home stereo, and this app as a way to navigate the world of music on a nice afternoon”.

You’ll immediately feel at home when you first open the app. You can swipe through the panned pages on the left navigation bar and when you tap on a song it immediately starts playing. The app is, of course, is still focused on playlists allowing you to create or remove them, which is Spotify’s solution for organising content. Playlists are displayed alongside pretty album icons in a vertical list but you cannot rename or rearrange them like you can on Spotify for the PC or Mac. You can tap through pane after pane of playlists without getting the app to break a sweat.

You can star, add, share, queue a song and view more songs by the same artist by tapping and holding a track. There’s also a button symbolized by two arrows that launches a beautiful full-screen “Now Playing” interface inside the player bar. Swiping the screen vertically or horizontally on an album art allows you to switch songs.

Another neat feature is the pie icon that appears in the left sidebar while you’re downloading music.  An arrow pulses and cycles to indicate songs are downloading while the pie fills with Spotify green. Once your download completes, the pie disappears.

Overall, the Spotify for the iPad has a great design, is lightning fast and has paned interface that works well for music browsing.

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