Windows Phone Overtakes iPhone Market Share in China

Windows PhoneApple’s iPhone may remain one of the most popular and sought after devices on the market and the number one Samsung smartphone manufacturer will have their alarm bells ringing. It has been revealed that Microsoft’s Windows Phone has overtaken Apple’s company in terms of market share in China which is one of the largest markets in the world.

The war is usually centered on Android and IOS but windows have always been seen as the third runner in the competition but now windows is seen as a dark horse. The Windows 7 phones may lack in apps and choices of devices but the slick interface and simplified user interface has it gather strong sales.

On the horizon is Windows 8, and Microsoft will definitely have a big say in the direction of the mobile market.  In terms of reach Android dominates worldwide, IOS on the other hand is often admired as the smoother, more complete ecosystems, Windows however, isn’t necessarily to every consumer’s liking but who knows how much of an impact the Windows could have when the apps are developed on the Windows Market Place.

It might be that a there is a little extra pressure on the next iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 5 when it arrives in September/October.

One of highest yielding market share of any vendor, Apple has now been eclipsed – surprisingly by Windows Phone.

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