Top 3 Apple iPhone Games

Cut the Rope: Experiments Om NomCut the Rope: Experiments

You would expect a sequel to one of the best-selling games would have months of press leaks and hands on previews in the run up to its release but Cut the Rope: Experiments on the other hand arrived out the blue, to everyone’s surprise.

Just imagine the first Cut the Rope, now throw in more wacky obstacles, make it a little harder and add new boxes for Om Nom to sit in, awaiting candy.

Reckless Getaway CarReckless Getaway

You might think Reckless Getaway is a sequel to Reckless Racing with eye-catching graphics but Reckless Getaway is not that game. Instead it’s a spin off from the franchise, more of a cops and robbers game, making you weave your way through traffic and obstacles in an attempt to outrun the law.

It’s attractive and smooth to play, with some white-knuckle moments over course of the game.

Jet Set Go Cover ArtJet Set Go

Jet Set Go is a combination of sweaty-palmed multi-tasking, breezy graphics and multi-layered gameplay.

Jet Set Go puts you in the role of a stewardess, travel assistant and everything in between and gives you the job of getting tourists on the plane and enjoying their holidays. Jet Set Go manages to get the right balance between difficulty and gameplay; you won’t get a moment where things become impossible to manage. Jet Set Go includes decent mini games and a finely tuned upgrade system which makes it one of the best examples of the genre on the iPhone.

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