Bemilo, The Mobile Network Designed For Children


Bemilo ImageWorried about your suffering from abuse and bullying through social networks and or text messages? Well now you don’t have to worry as Bemilo, a new secure mobile network has been introduced that enables parents to monitor whom their child speaks to, and when.

A resent research by Bemilo reveals that 85% of seven to 16 year old owns a mobile phone with one in four claiming to have experienced some kind of virtual bullying.

Bemilo allows the bill payer, i.e. parents or guardians to review all calls and messages, block bullies, put a limit on how much children spend on their mobile browsing the web and control monthly spending. It also ensures their child can always get hold of them even if they run out of credit and all this can be done through an external web page that can be accessed via computer or mobile anytime.

The Simon Founder & Chairman of Bemilo, Simon Goff says,

“Innovation beats regulation. Bemilo has beaten all the regulators to launch the UK’s first safe mobile network. Bemilo is the ultimate customer champion, it’s the first mobile network in the UK that has listened to parents, offering them complete control of their child’s mobile activity, and answers all the concerns of governments and regulators.”

Bemilo’s tariff will be available from 28th May from Carphone Warehouse or you can go to

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